At CARE for AIDS, we know it's every mother's dream to raise and educate her children. This Mother's Day, you can make that dream come true. Every dollar you donate between now and May 14th will help sponsor a mom in the CARE for AIDS program. Our nine-month program empowers moms to live 20-25 years longer than they would without additional care. Give today and join the cause of orphan prevention. Long live mom! 


*When you give, we will email you a Mother's Day card that you can personalize to honor the mom in your life. 

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Meet the moms

Norah is a single mother of five. When she found out about her HIV status her biggest fear was for her children's future.  Norah joined the CARE for AIDS program in Kangemi and her life has been profoundly impacted. Hear from Norah's daughter, Lovius, and how the CARE for AIDS program changed her life here

Everlyne is a single mother of two beautiful boys. She joined the CARE for AIDS program in 2015 and uses the skills she learned about nutrition and health to mentor other HIV+ mothers in her community. Both of her boys are HIV-negative, and she is passionate about helping others prevent transmission from mother to child. 

Mary discovered she was HIV positive in 2008 when she went to the clinic for a checkup during her pregnancy. She worried greatly about who would care for her children once she was gone, and her life became burdened with fear and anxiety. Her life changed after joining the CARE for AIDS program, and now she looks forward to one day having grandchildren. 

Sally Okoth and her husband have four beautiful children who they are raising in Kismu, Kenya. Sally is the first to tell you that her husband is a family man- Benedict is a loving husband and father, and he takes pride in providing for his family, but he wasn’t always that way. Hear from the Okoth family about their experience in the CARE for AIDS program above.  

*These are four of over 8,000 parents who have graduated from the CARE for AIDS program. It costs $25 per month to support a client like these moms in our program.